Our Products

Certified Organic Citrus

Our main crop is our Washington Navel oranges, considered the ‘original’ navel variety. We take pride in our organic citrus grown on a peaceful and bountiful seven acres of Rainwater Ranch. Our orange trees are almost 50 year old, contributing to their complex flavor. Each winter season our picking crew works tirelessly to pick when the fruit is at peak quality and we freshly pack each bag to get to markets and stores within days of harvest. In addition to our navel oranges, we also grow Lisbon lemons, both available from January through March.

Organically Grown Cut Flowers

We grow a wide variety of cut flowers including tulips, irises, sunflowers, dahlias, gladiolus, and all manner of filler and focal flowers. You can find our carefully arranged market bouquets and single variety bunches at several locations in the Davis area from February through October.

We also do a limited number of weddings with our local, seasonally grown flowers. Learn more about our wedding flower offerings.

Dried Flowers

With the expansion of our field grown flowers, we have gradually increased our dried flower creations including seasonal wreaths, dried flower bouquets, and a few other dried flower items. Our inventory varies with the season and are largely available at farmer’s markets.

Our Commitment

One of our most important priorities is to be good stewards of our land, our local community and our earth. Growing organically is very important to us, and we try to minimize our tillage and use of plastic as much as we can. We really value our local communities, both of the customers who support our business, and of other farmers in our area who support each other by sharing knowledge, resources, opinions and projections about weather forecasts, and general camaraderie.