Wedding Flowers

We are very pleased to offer local, organically and seasonally grown flowers for your wedding! We do a limited number of weddings per year, for events held in or around Yolo county pick up at Rainwater Ranch is available.

Our floral designs are often described as colorful, cheerful, and free-spirited, but we want to get to know each wedding client’s tastes and preferences so that we can style your flowers specifically for you. Unlike traditional wedding florists we do not purchase flowers, so using our flowers at your wedding requires some flexibility.

We will do our best to accommodate your color preferences, and if we have your wedding on our schedule months in advance, we can even custom plant certain flowers.

All our flowers are grown outdoors and are therefore at the mercy of every farmer’s dear friend “the weather,” so we want our wedding clients to understand that we can’t safely guarantee specific flowers for a specific date. We can, however, promise you that we will have a diverse selection of farm-fresh flowers consistently between the months of April and October.

Please email us at to inquire about wedding flowers!